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Private Lessons

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Piano (ages 4+),   General Private (ages 6+),   Songwriting (ages 6+),   Jazz Improvisation (ages 7+)

Jan J

Jan Janovsky is a dynamic musician and the owner of Classic Studios. His talent is being able to bring out the talent and unique voices of students. Consider him the piano whisperer. 

His students get into music Universities like Juilliard, University of Toronto, UBC, New York, U of A to University of Leeds and generally into the courses of their choosing. 

His students receive top marks on RCM examinations, and are local, provincial and national winners. Students range from engineers, singer-song writers, etc. 

Lessons with Jan are 80.00 per hour

Jan teaches improv, compostion, piano performance and group lessons. Lessons are by audition only, space is limited. 

Jan holds a B.Mus (Piano Performance); Jazz Diploma and Masters in Music in Jazz studies. He is an active teacher-performer, clinician and composer. To read more :

$40.00/lesson, Now thru - Aug 20th, 2024

Tuesday at In Home or Online Lessons

$40.00/lesson, Now thru - Aug 22nd, 2024

Thursday at In Home or Online Lessons

Piano (ages 6+),   Trumpet (ages 6+),   Bass (ages 6+),   Music Production (ages 7+),   Jazz Improvisation (ages 7+)

Eric W. (In Studio Only)


Steeped in improvised jazz tradition, Eric Weiden is a trumpet player and pianist who has spent decades pursuing identity in sound. After leaving Indiana University in the mid nineties, he spent years touring: as a big band member (Tommy Dorsey Orchestra & Guy Lombardo); and, with multiple Broadway musical U.S. national tours. Eric also performed and/or recorded with Calexico, Giantsand, the Abramson Singers, as well as many jazz and rock bands in western Canada. His trumpet teachers have included Dominic Spera (Indiana University jazz trumpet instructor), Bobby Shew (L.A. studio session player), Mark Van Cleave (lead trumpet with The Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra) and John Rommel (principal trumpet with The Nashville Symphony).

Eric has taught private trumpet and beginner piano lessons for around 20 years. Trumpet students have included casual and semi-pro adult students, casual school-aged students, school aged-students who have been selected for national honor bands, as well as young beginner students. His piano students have included young children from age three up to adult beginners as well as family lessons where parents and children learn together. Eric has taught many school clinics for jr. and sr. high students. Also, Eric completed a Masters in Arts Education at SFU, and taught middle school students at a Montessori school for five years.

Eric is also currently a lecturer at Concordia University teaching early childhood music education courses and helping to develop our future k-6 school teachers. 

Eric offers in your home piano, trumpet, bass, guitar and production lessons through Classic Studios.

Please call to confirm before booking time so we can ensure your location works for travel at the preffered time.

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Piano (ages 2+),   Theory (ages 4+),   Voice/Piano Combo (ages 4+),   General Private (ages 2+),   RCM Exam Prep (ages 2+),   Jazz Improvisation (ages 2+)

Kelsey S. (IN HOME)


Kelsey offers In Home Lessons. Please call to confirm before booking time so we can ensure your location works for travel at the preffered time.

Hey savvy parents, allow me to introduce you to Kelsey – the meticulous maestro your child's been waiting for! Get ready for a musical journey led by a powerhouse of precision, hard work, and some great laughs. Here's why Kelsey is the perfect musical mentor for you or your child:

Precision in Progression: Kelsey's musical journey is a testament to methodical brilliance. Starting with a foundation of hard work, she's methodically climbed the musical ladder, currently conquering her Grade 8 RCM and theory with unparalleled precision. She is also one of Sherwood's best young sight readers and pianists.  This means she knows how help you or your kids follow a plan and make them accountable with having a good time doing it. 

Detail-Oriented and disciplined Dynamics: Not just a musician, Kelsey is a musical architect, crafting every note with meticulous detail. Your child won't just learn to play; they'll unravel the intricacies of music under Kelsey's guidance, getting the right foundation for mastery.  

She has studied with Jan Janovsky and is on her way to being a world-class musician. 

Orchestration Expertise: Kelsey's not just about solo performances; she's also performed in various masterclasses and has played with the Edmonton Youth Orchestra. Imagine your child learning from someone who's navigated the orchestral landscape, offering insights beyond the individual instrument.

Festival Triumph: Kelsey isn't just another musician – she's a festival winner. Your child will not only be mentored by a talented young lady but also gain the tools and techniques that make winners stand out on stage. If performing is not your thing no problem, but this skills translates directly to being more comfortable in a crowd and being able to lead. 

Driven to Succeed: Hard work is Kelsey's middle name. She's not just a tutor; she's a motivator, instilling a work ethic that propels your child toward success. Every lesson is a step forward on the path to musical excellence and to create positive habits in your child. She works closely with parents to get the results they want for their kids. 

Theatre with Tenacity: Beyond the music sheets, Kelsey brings her meticulous approach to the world of performance. If your child dreams of the stage or just wants to be confident in their YOUTUBE videos Kelsey isn't just a teacher; she's a mentor with tenacity, ensuring every performance is something they are proud of. 

Music Education for the Young: She has over two years of group teaching with early elementary education. She has worked and taught the Giant Steps program for underprivedled kids.   

In Kelsey's musical realm, every detail matters which means she cares for everything your kid does. From the nuances of technique to the intricacies of musical theory, your child will thrive in an environment where precision is celebrated.

So, parents, if you're seeking a mentor who not only understands the notes but also the discipline and dedication required to master them and you want a positive role model,  Kelsey is the musical marvel your child needs.

$40.00/lesson, Now thru - Aug 21st, 2024

Wednesday at In Home or Online Lessons

Piano (ages 6+),   General Private (ages 2+),   Songwriting (ages 2+)

Kurt S. (In Home Only)

Kurt Stenner is an aspiring composer and musician from Sherwood Park, Alberta. He started learning piano at the young age of four and his desire to learn more has never stopped growing.  This desire to learn more goes hand-in-hand with how Kurt teaches. He understands the importance of good music education and wishes to assist all of his students in achieving their musical goals whether that be preparing for music exams or just playing an instrument for fun. 

Kurt is currently furthering his own knowledge at the University of Alberta as he is working towards a Bachelor of Music, majoring in Composition and Sonic Arts. In addition to piano, Kurt has also been developing his skills with the clarinet since junior high and has studied with the University of Alberta’s Symphonic Wind Ensemble and its Experimental Improv Ensemble.

If you’re considering learning piano, Kurt is proud to offer in-your-home piano lessons through Classic Studios.

Please call to confirm before booking time so we can ensure your location works for travel at the preffered time.

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